Raspberry Pi Photobooth

Weddings are fun, but weddings with photobooths are more fun. Read along as I document the design and build of a raspberry pi powered photobooth!

First, things first–I need a camera. I would like a camera that 1)produces adequate quality images, 2)relatively inexpensive, and 3)able to be manipulated (activate shutter) with a computer/simply electronics. After some searching around, I found a python USB API for Canon cameras (see here). I think if I ended up going this route, it wouldn’t be all that difficult of a build. However, I found a few sample images of photos that the raspberry pi’s camera shot and found it to be a nice alternative. It is guaranteed to work without too much trouble with the RPi, is quite inexpensive (~$25), and fits inside a few of the readily available pi plastic casings.

As I mentioned previously, the Raspberry Pi will be the computer running this setup. I chose the pi because of already-established awesome community support, it has all of the features necessary for the project, and I already had a spare one laying around. I did some searching around for premade python scripts and found that there were quite a few options available. The script that I chose to fork my project from is available on github. The original script basically takes a series of four photos, compiles them into an animated gif, and uploads to a tumblr page via email. I took this script and adapted it–I removed the gif feature, removed the uploading to tumblr, customized some of the images and background, and created a simple php script to display the photos via HTTP on a server of my choosing. BTSync will be the protocol used to upload the photos to the web server. This way, all of the images will be readily available for guests to browse from their mobile devices…. live!


I’ll continue to update this post as the project progresses.




Running costs:

  • Pi (B+): $35
  • Pi Casing: $10
  • Wifi Adapter: $10
  • Micro SD (32gb): $18
  • Pi Cobbler: $8
  • Pi Camera: $25
  • LCD Monitor (HDMI): $55
  • Breadboard, Wires, and electronics laying around: Free
  • Power Supply: Free


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  1. Hi, I am new to programming and wanted to know how you integrated the PHP script into Python script. Thanks for your time.

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