Raspberry Pi Photobooth

Weddings are fun, but weddings with photobooths are more fun. Read along as I document the design and build of a raspberry pi powered photobooth!

First, things first–I need a camera. I would like a camera that 1)produces adequate quality images, 2)relatively inexpensive, and 3)able to be manipulated (activate shutter) with a computer/simply electronics. After some searching around, I found a python USB API for Canon cameras (see here). I think if I ended up going this route, it wouldn’t be all that difficult of a build. However, I found a few sample images of photos that the raspberry pi’s camera shot and found it to be a nice alternative. It is guaranteed to work without too much trouble with the RPi, is quite inexpensive (~$25), and fits inside a few of the readily available pi plastic casings.

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