Tasker script to temporarily disable android security

The goal for this project was to disable the android security features of my phone for a set duration of time once I manually unlock the device (with pattern or pin). I also wanted the ability to disable the security feature while on my home wireless network.┬áThere are several methods of completing such a task, as detailed in the Tasker wiki and other forums. Most of the scripts that I tried didn’t work on my device for one reason or another, so I created this quick script (attached below) to solve my problem.


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Tasker Script for OpenWeatherMap.org API


After relentless searching for a current, working script to query any of the major weather servers for integration in tasker apps (and in my case, autocast), I couldn’t find one that worked perfectly for my needs.

Below, I have made available the tasker scripts that I created for this project. My script makes use of the OpenWeatherMap.org API with JSON data. Tasker uses javascript to interact with the raw data and import into global tasker variables.

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